Tag: Human


  • Marius (?)

    Marius is a weathered human man who is from the village of [[:rigorus | Rigorus]]. He is married to a woman named [[:tiara | Tiara]] and has two children named [[:lace | Lace]] and [[:geno | Geno]].

  • Lace (?)

    Lace is an eight year old human girl who just came to [[:baith-corbair | Baith Corbair]] with her parents [[:marius | Marius]] and [[:tiara | Tiara]] and her baby brother [[:geno | Geno]]. She was born in [[:rigorus | Rigorus]].

  • Geno (?)

    Geno is the eight month old human son of [[:marius | Marius]] and [[:tiara | Tiara]]. He is origionally from a small village called [[:rigorus | Rigorus]].

  • Lady Sabre aka Sword

    A mysterious middle aged human woman with bright red hair who appears in one of [[:dryhina-dree-earthmender | Dryhina's]]odd dreams. She was on a flying ship, up among the clouds and she offered her hand to [[:dryhina-dree-earthmender | Dryhina]] saying …

  • Emerance Tatamire

    Emerance Tatamire was one of the first customers that [[:dryhina-dree-earthmender | Dryhina]] helped while working the counter at [[:the-woven-twig | The Woven Twig]] on her first day there. He is a magic user who makes his living by having a puppet show …