Dryhina (Dree) Earthmender


Dryhina is a beautiful dragonborn woman, if a bit different then her race’s normal standard of beauty. She would often be described as exotic. She is very tall at 6’6" and slender and sinuous. She was born with a very rare tri-color scale pattern of a base of metallic green, each edged with black and then overlaid with a gold veining. She has a small frill along her jaw bones on either side of her face and and almost regal set to her hair spikes. Her eyes are a bright green with a shimmering golden starburst around her slit pupil.

She is a paladin of Bahumut and wields a large one handed sword and shield. She carries a holy symbol of the dragon lord where ever she goes. Dree wears chainmail armor with bits of plate here and there. Her armor is decorated with the symbol of her god and a symbol of her own making.


Dryhina was born in Gremain’s Hallow to Krazeal Soulmender, the ruler of the city, and T’Marl Earthmender, the brother of her husband. Dree was born from a shared egg with her twin brother Dreybin (Drey) Earthmender. As the two were illigetamate, tey were never accepted by their mother’s husband Treygor Soulmender who while never cruel, was always distant. Their father spent a lot of his time traveling so they didn’t really get to see him very much, but when he was there he spent as much time with them as he was able.

Dryhina (Dree) Earthmender

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